Golden Gloves

by Little Bighorn

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Sophomore album from Cleveland, Ohio band, Little Bighorn. All songs copyright 2013 Little Bighorn and Brotherhood of Lemur publishing.

"Following their respective stints in some of Cleveland's most beloved bands, you could say Little Bighorn was looking to old records for new licks. There was more country and ’50s rock-and-roll here, with reverb-y guitar leads and nods to the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, and Eddie Cochran. At the same time, the music remained utterly electrified and powerful.

Their new record, Golden Gloves may be Little Bighorn’s defining statement, seamlessly connecting those roots to their contemporary transmutations. You can hear jump blues in “Little Bird” (one of several potential singles off of this no-filler album), while “Hunting” is regal, college-radio fare a la Alien Lanes. There’s no disconnect here—Little Bighorn has found an ideal synthesis between old and new.

The lyrics are plainspoken but not plain. In “It Don’t Quit,” an electrified sock hop that explodes into a desperate chorus, Tony Cross sings: "what I wanna do, what I need to do / when the police come you can balance the two." Check him wringing the last drop of blood out of the phrase it broke her heart, or his convincing Little Richard meltdown in “What Do You Know About Love.” In the gorgeous “Most of the Time,” Nick Cross (who throughout the record plays the id to his brother’s ego) is able to turn a throwaway phrase like "most of the time / almost always most of the time" into a kind of incantation

Golden Gloves' production captures the quartet’s precision and fire, but the sound isn’t too pristine, you can still feel cold air coming in under the door. And damn if parts of this record aren’t downright pretty, too. It’s an outstanding balancing act.

Back at the bar, Little Bighorn are loud and assured, setting bodies moving, heads swinging, and a few hearts a-flutter. They’re at the top of your list in part because they write songs about guys and girls with the usual troubles who go to bars to watch rock bands and try to puzzle out how tomorrow is going to be different from today. You can relate."

- Mike Uva, Cleveland, Ohio. Winter 2014.

"Little Bighorn’s first record, 2012’s “Chaperones” is a pure mix of Americana and alt-county and the initial vinyl-only press sold out immediately. Since “Chaperones,” Little Bighorn has gradually turned up the volume, left the acoustic instruments in the practice space and returned to what it is that they have always done – writing near-perfect rock and roll songs.

Golden Gloves is a hook-filed record that aches with maturity. The songs, divided equally between Nick and Tony Cross, rock more than the first record and the lyrics paint an impression of lives in the middle of living. It’s not rocket science. It’s rock and roll. And there is a beautiful simplicity in declaring that rock and roll is what you are doing with your life and that’s it. That’s what Little Bighorn is doing here."

- C.J. Klasa, host of the Monday Morning Jazz and Blues Radio Show, WCSB 89.3 FM, Cleveland. January, 2014.


released January 1, 2014

Tony Cross, vocals and guitar
Nick Cross, vocals, guitar, organ, piano
Matthew Charboneau, Fender bass and upright bass
Jason Look, drums

Recorded and mixed by Brian Straw @ Ohio Ready Mix, Cleveland, OH.
Mastered by Adam Boose of Cauliflower Audio
Produced by Tony and Nick Cross/Little Bighorn


tags: rock Cleveland


all rights reserved


Little Bighorn Cleveland, Ohio

Born and raised: Cleveland, Ohio. USA.

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Track Name: Man of Chance
In the middle of the road, where my decisions get made.
Like a moderate man, my decisions stay safe.
If I could change, I'd be a man of chance.
Where the line gets drawn, I draw 'em all the time.
I'm gonna keep you mine.

Golden gloves will never drift apart
You'll be further than when you start.
But if you won't be near me
Sayonara to the higher road, I'll see you before you go.
And if you can't be near me
Where the line gets drawn. The line lingers on.
Track Name: Catches Up To You
Oh, why keep the daylight at bay, when the air's so fresh and so gay?
Are the nights of the earth the only thing worth your time?
We could have been something else, other than friends that don't ask for help.
Let the unspoken truth be all the proof you need.

How many times will you tell the lies, you say?
Who are these men, you gladly send away?

I don't want to be around when the way you're living catches up to you.

We all raise a glass for a toast, to the one you say you love the most.
But you left the room a little too soon it seemed.
And I don't believe in luck, or you're lucky or your not.
But you'll never heal every bad deal you got

Cry a while, go on you should cry a while
It's alright, there won't be nothing left for you to do
When the way you're living catches up to you
Track Name: It Don't Quit
I got the sun, it goes away, and I don't get every word you say
I got the moon, it goes down, don't it get real full when you're around, I'll paint your town
I daydream of things that aren't, everything I own in a shopping cart
If it goes too far, if it gets lost, it's never been a true cross, not sure whose loss

It don't quit. It's what you take and what you get, it's not so calm in the middle of it, that's just a myth

What i wanna do, what i need to do
When the police you come you can balance you can balance the two
Now don't you move, stay where you are, she fell in love with a shooting star, it broke her heart

It don't quit. You spin your wheels, you're stuck in it, your dollar bills there all counterfeit, i sunk your ship

I want it back, she want it gone, she just wants it here when they sing her song, and it won't be long

It don't quit. Here's what you take, here's what you get
I try to take it minute to minute to minute...
I know one day I'll murder it
Track Name: Better Off
When your troubles all begin, they come knockin', let 'em in
They're just looking out for a friend, someone to fight with and comfort them
When your fears they don't exist, what is real you bend and twist
You'll be better off for you don't know, that you will never lose control
With small garbage they will hurl, you will crawl into their world
You'll be better off though you won't know
When your troubles all begin
Track Name: Little Bird
Little bird well I'm leaving soon and when I do it's gonna be on a big blue moon
I've been looking for a night to settle our score
I got my ticket in my right hand and in my left hand I got the old best man
I been looking for a crime that I can pay for, anybody got a crime that I can pay for?

Little bird I'm in your dirt, no one to help me now
No one to save us now

Little bird well I meant no harm but I did set fire to your daddy's farm
I'm gonna pay him back in full for all that he'd done
And if he asks well the tickets fake, if you want you can tell him how much money I make
Yeah I'll meet you in the dirt where all the feet walk
I wouldn't leave you in the dirt where all the feet walk
Track Name: Stuck In Your Old Ways
In a hole we are, but it's not too deep, it's not so far
When their words ring true, sleep on the grass, in the morning dew
I can offer you home on the range, love out of the blue

Stuck in your old ways, that's where your heart stayed

When you feel too old to run, not young enough for what you've done
Who'll be your good friend, someone with who you don't pretend?

Stuck in your old ways, that’s where your heart stayed
You can wait in the pine trees, in the dead of the night, in the cool of the breeze
And I'll find you there, step on the gas, ride out somewhere

Stuck in your old ways, that’s where your mind stayed
Track Name: Yukon
Well I'm living in the yukon now, and I thought i'd write you
I know you thought our love was all burned out, and I know how it frightened you
It's been a long time coming in, been a long time gone
And I know that you know when you're sure, and I go and I prove you wrong

I need forgiveness I'm your fiction man
To tell the best one that you know I can
Oh times are changing darling, hold my hand
One day you'll know better

And I thought that I'd fix you up, and I thought that at least I would try
Gonna be on the day you were born gonna feel like the day when you die
Yeah you go and turn your back on me now and I go and watch you walk on

You can't replace me i'm your fiction man...
Track Name: Real Wild Ones
You ain't from around here, or you got different taste
Or in the summer you go swimming in industrial waste
Well you can lean it on me, or you can lay it down
Or in the wintertime it's cold so we lay around

Everybody knows my girl, she's got all the brains:
What they don't know, what they don’t know.

About real troubles, about real hard times
About your pennies and nickels and dimes, no dollar sign.
Don't wanna get too heavy, but I've been too light
You know I've been so lonesome now, I just wanna feel alright

Everybody knows my girl, sweet as honey-doo:
What they don’t know, what they don’t know.

It's on fire, it's in heat, like a dog on your street
It's insane, I've been around, it's too big for your town

When it eats at you, when it takes its toll
When everyone got what they want and you've got what you stole
You can scream it at me, throw it in my face
When I make my mind up I make it up both ways

Everybody knows this town gets small it gets old you get out or get bored
What they don’t know, what they dont’ know.

It's on fire, it's in heat, it’s a real wild one on your street.
It's insane, I've been around, it's too big for your town

It’s on fire, it’s in heat, like a real wild one on your street
Let's get a drink, i got the time, been a lot on my mind
Track Name: Most of the Time
Most of the time, almost always most the time
Is it seldom or am I, how's it seem to be
Where do we meet, I've forgotten where we meet
In the corner of the street, a place in time

You're the same as when I first heard you coming
You don't change, it's alright cause nobody changes
And I know why, yeah I learned something after all

And if I hear a voice, and there's a similar type of voice
That reminded me of yours, made me see
That I could rip you off, walk away and rip you off
And you would never know or think of me

You’d be the same as when I first heard you coming
You don't change, it's alright cause nobody changes
And I know why, yeah I learned something after all
Track Name: What Do You Know About Love?
When I'm in a bad way, the bottle is where I stay
You ever get the feeling you'll never see someone again
Some people got control over you, what they say you're bound to do
Others wanna catch your eye, or keep you from catching mine

Who really knew what they got themselves into?
Who will pretend they'll be there in the end?
Who’s got the heart to kill it before it starts to bleed?
What do you know about love
The boys who drive the fast cars, the girls who only go so far
The money and just what it says, and the heartbreak of sweet success

Who really knew what they got themselves into?
Who will pretend they'll be there in the end?
Who’s got the heart to kill it before it starts to bleed?
What do you know about love?

The boys who like the boys explain, the girls who like the girls refrain
Your parents don't they seem so strange, your brother says somethings don't never change
But what do you know about love?
It's alright I just wanna know what you must know
Cause it runs cold, and it runs hot, and it gets hard to stop
Track Name: Hunting
When I go looking for ya, I go looking for your face
When I don't see you, I just look another place
And I could wander for hours, just wondering where you are
I get in put the keys in the ignition of the car

And I'm getting to know you, I'm getting to know every step you take
Yeah I set all of my traps and I've watched my bait
But I don't know you, don't know if you want my embrace
But who knows every now and again some things could change, people change

It's all true

Do you know lately you're the only thing that lights up my brain
When I can't write you I know I'll never be the same
So when my mind goes blue and my heart feels like it'll break
Gonna break in two just like a teenage heart'll break

Well it’s all true