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"Recently, two members of Coffinberry (Nick Cross and Anthony Cross) have been gigging around town in a new band, Little Bighorn, with Jason Look of Prisoners on drums and Matthew Charboneau (really, too many Clevo bands to name) on bass. And whether you were one of those crowding (Coffinberry's last show) Pat’s in the Flats in 2010, or just someone interested in authentic, Cleveland bar band rock, Little Bighorn are for you.

....Move in For the Kill will give you a good taste of where Little Bighorn differs from Coffinberry. As it moves from boozy waltz to rugged stomp, one gets the feel of The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg leading a blues review on a big stage. While the “The Others” is the one to assure those who’ve followed the Cross brothers for years that Little Bighorn can be just as loud and just as forceful as their old band. Live, this one is bound to both shake the walls and shake some action from Clevo rock fans." - Bill Lipold, I Rock Cleveland

- - - - - - - - - -

"This group is being touted as one of the best bands to hit the Cleveland rock scene as of late and for good reason. Comprised of ex-Coffinberry members Nick and Anthony Cross, Prisoners' Jason Look and Matthew Charboneau, who's been in a ton of great Cleveland bands, Little Bighorn's debut record, "Chaperones," lives up to the group's lineup.

A sprawling album of rock balladry and dynamic shifts in mood, this first release wows throughout with tunes reminiscent of Tom Waits, blended with twangy laid-back alt-country rock. What's most striking about the release is the obvious care that was taken in constructing each of the parts, as horns waver over guitars and the rhythm section with a sense of necessity instead of the usual narcissism. This is a truly great driving album, like those early Magnolia Electric Co./Songs Ohia releases."
- Steve Hallo, Buzzbin Magazine

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Little Bighorn's debut LP is full of well-written, well-recorded, somewhat sullen rock songs. I don't think it sounds like Home for Orphans by Reigning Sound, but reminds me of it in tone. Besides guitar and drums, there are horns and accordions sprinkled in here and there in ways that don't clutter the songs or come off as gimmicky. The record was recorded and mastered completely using analog equipment so I would make sure you get the LP." -- Danny, Clocktower Nine, Issue #2, Seattle, WA


released June 20, 2012

Tony Cross, guitar and vocals
Nick Cross, guitar and vocals
Matt Charboneau, electric and upright bass
Jason Look, drums

Guest musicians:
Josh Stevens, lap steel guitar, accordion
Al Moss, pedal steel guitar
Michael Lyford, organ
The Berea Slab Horns: Chris Burge, tenor sax; Mike Rubin, trumpet; Robert Mitchell, trombone
Beth Hiser, violin

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Mike McDonald
Mastered by Adam Boose, Cauliflower Audio
Cut to lacquer by Clint Holley, Sounds Good Music
Pressed to vinyl by Gotta Groove Records

All songs written by cross/cross, arranged by Little Bighorn
Published by Brotherhood of the Lemur Publishing
Copyright 2012



all rights reserved


Little Bighorn Cleveland, Ohio

Born and raised: Cleveland, Ohio. USA.

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Track Name: You're in the Past
go away, leave her alone
don't haunt the one that I love best
you go away, you're in the past
Track Name: Pictures

verse 1: Here's you in the summer, and you in the fall. you in the winter, you in it all. you on my pictures and you on my screen. you in the heart, you in the dream.

chorus: Aw babe, aw hell. Tear at my money and I tear at your will
Aw babe, aw hell. You ain't telling me you ain't well

verse 2: Dig though my honey and I'll dig through your trash. I was having fun til I burned through my cash. You fixed me up like a real fine time now I wear it on my sleeve wearing on my mind


middle: you'd never known it but you was bound to tell the lie

verse 3: So now I'm walking and it's summertime ain't a thing and I feel fine. I ain't thinking about no one's past, take one long drink make a long night last

Track Name: Tired and Wired
He's a bitter man, I thought you might understand
It's a long night when you're with him.
It's an old dog, passes me in the night
It's a mean dog, still puts up a fight

I ain't got the ammunition, might of had it when I's young
Mistook it for ambition, but I took it just for fun.
So why's it crying, always crying?
Nobody knows, tired and wired it goes.

There's a squawking bird teenager on her phone
A squawking bird makes me glad to be alone.

Til your mind feels like it's splitting, two halves of a whole
When somethings always missing, was it ever there before?
Lord, it's crying it's always crying
And it gets old, tired and wired you're told.

They're screaming for sedition they wants it so bad
Now what's the point of wishing for something you can't have?
Oh my stars everyone of em stars, they fall tonight
Tired and wired boys, that's right.
Track Name: The Others
Well you had me worried there, I thought you lost your head
Your veins turned to fire, and the skin of your face turned red
And you was laughing it off, laughing cold and mean
And you locked in a temper, the kind I've never seen.

You might be older in numbers, but you're not like me and neither are the others.

You said you was leaving, that was your last straw
But no one else here followed, yeah no one else here walked
Now I'm sorry to say, sorry to regret that life went on without you and it hasn't stopped since yet.

repeat Chorus
Track Name: Move in for the Kill
lawmakers don't mind me, I'll be on my way
don't help me find the lord, I'll be on my way
I've nothing but well wishes so please don't take my home
and when it's finally over I'll be dead and gone

young statesmen on vacation leave your servants at your house
don't worry about a thing I'm sure they're quiet as a mouse
they've nothing but well wishes you're gonna get yours in the end
and when it's finally over it's gonna be hard to find a friend

well there ain't no separation no buddy cop movies
to increase their humiliation or their lust for those floozies
you get walking when you're ready, you get moving if you will
you get walking when you're ready, and you move in for the kill

well you ought to know that you been under surveillance quite a while
cause the people when they look at you they very seldom smile
and we made up all their salaries, we made their wives up too
we even made up some of their mistresses, but I think we forgot a few

you get walking when you're ready, you get moving if you will
you get walking when you're ready, and you move in for the kill

well I know you Davy Crockett, and I know you Daniel Boone
I don't know the rebel sweetheart that just walked out the room
Track Name: Love and Pain
I saw that girl, the one we both know to be insane.
She thinks she knows how to stoke the flame.
I thought I'd pray, but I don't breathe a word to him.
Well he's got such thin skin

For love and pain, for love and pain.
As the blood flows down the drain, there's love in vein, love in vein.
There's nothing left to gain, for love and pain.

I had me a priest, and he had him a fancy car.
Now on Earth or Heaven he'll get far.
And I don't know if the good Lord's in my plan
But he always seemed like a union man.

For love and pain, for love and pain.
Yeah you can not abstain for love and pain, love and pain.
The path to Satan's reign is love and pain.

Now I don't talk like you used to think I did.
Now I don't run around like a dumb kid.

Those neighbor kids, they make a racket down the stairs.
Like no one told them that no one cares

For love and pain, for love and pain.
Cause you can not refrain from love and pain, love and pain
But the man with 2 brains knows the cards were cut the deck stayed the same. You can hide out and change your name,
For love and pain.
Track Name: War Heart
As I get older, I lose my home pride.
Lower my shoulder, I slid down your landslide.
I found I liked it I found a holy place I know you been around for a while.

Let the Bourbon make you smile
Lay your war heart here a while with me.

Some towns don't prosper, some things get born dead.
Sometimes a dumpster lives inside my head.
And I don't want it I want Geronimo to lead the charge from here, it's clear.

When the Bourbon makes you smile
Lay your war heart here a while with me.

I've been trying to believe a lie and I been hoping to outrun time.
You said you know a little about a lot, well that'll do fine, that'll do fine.

Now don't you get nervous you ain't never been on time.
And don't you feel worthless you ain't gonna chew the rhine all the time yeah you'll be fine, yeah you'll be fine.